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BlackBerry Messenger   

When it first started happening I thought it was just a fluke, but then as it happened more and more it became super annoying. When using BlackBerry Messenger I (as well as many others) discovered that hitting "shift + delete" in BlackBerry Messenger magically erases your entire message. Now, while I appreciate RIM tossing in some quick actions like this, I'm pretty sure this one could have been left out. I highly doubt there are too many times when someone wants a quick key combo to delete a whole message in BBM. Highlighting and pressing delete usually does the trick for me. I honestly have lost count at this point as to how many times I've accidentally used this combo and dumped an entire message.

So has this happened to you before? According to a few users in the forums it happens all the time, and not one of them thinks the "feature" should be there. Cast your vote in the poll then hit up the thread below and let us know!

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