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Shazam has always been one of my favorite apps to help me identify those songs that I don't know the name of, and today, they've gone to the dark side. No, that's not a reference to anything Apple, who acquired the app, did. It means Shazam is among the latest Android apps to add a dark theme.

Unlike some of the other dark theme implementations rolling out, which rely on the system level theme settings, Shazam has left the toggles in-app to enable or disable as you see fit, so if you really like their original blue or 'light' them, you can keep it. You can also set it only to kick in when Battery Saver mode is enabled. The update is live right now, so go get it!

Identifying your music


Find that song

Shazam is the best and fastest way to find the name of that song you're listening to. Within seconds you can discover the name of the track, see the lyrics, and much more. With the latest update, Shazam has added a visually pleasing dark theme.

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