Shazam Encore Hits BlackBerry App World

The music identification program that is Shazam has been available for a while now. But, their latest premium offering, Shazam Encore is a new addtion to their line up. When it was announced I was kind of left wondering what exactly was in Encore that was not available in the other versions. The free version allows for look up, purchasing and sharing music but the premium version, Encore adds a whole lot more.

Premium Features:

  • Learn more about the music: Read track and album reviews, artist biographies and (starting in North America initially) view song lyrics, plus find other music available from the same artist.
  • Options to find similar music: Discover other music similar to the track you like, to enhance your music collection and knowledge.
  • Find out what’s hot and popular: Access to Shazam music charts generated by millions of other users in your country.
  • Music search capabilities: Enabling you to easily find music by artist, album or track from a database with over 8 million songs.

That's quite a few additions to an already great app. Do they justify the $4.99 price point? Guess that depends on the user. But for myself, I can't really see me paying the cost for the additional options so I will stick with the free limited version that is also available in BlackBerry App World.

  • Download Either The Free Or Premium Versions Of Shazam From BlackBerry App World>>