Tweet out your reason to believe and also leave it here as a comment for your chance to win. More than one reason to believe? Enter up to 10 times! Full details below...

Alec Saunders loves developers!

Research In Motion is committed to developers. BlackBerry 10 is on the horizon and RIM is doing all they can to get as many apps as possible ready for the new OS and devices so they are in BlackBerry App World at launch. To help spread the word and give developers some incentive for preparing their apps, RIM has launched the $10k Developer Commitment, they've hosted BlackBerry 10 Jams all across the globe, they've handed out BlackBerry Dev Alphas, and so much more. During his presentation last week at the BlackBerry Jam keynote, RIM's VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders presented a new campaign called Ten Thousand Reasons to Believe.

"If you're looking for reasons to believe in BlackBerry 10 and your future with BlackBerry, look no further than what you and your peers have accomplished. You're doing amazing things with BlackBerry 10, and I want you to help us spread the word. Help us get to ten thousand. Tell us your reasons to believe. Tweet it. Use the #BB10Believe Twitter hash tag to share your story. Share those stories with us, and we'll share them with the world."  

To show CrackBerry Nation's support of RIM and all you developers out there, as well as everyone that is sitting and waiting for BlackBerry 10 to release, we want to help spread the word with your 10k reasons to believe. And by participating you'll have the chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone.

How to Enter:  

Step 1. Send a tweet with your reason to believe and make sure you include the #BB10Believe twitter hash tag

Step 2. After you've sent your tweet, copy and paste it back into the comments of this post along with your Twitter name. See the example I left in the first comment.

Step 3. More than one reason to believe? You can enter up to TEN times. That's right. Normally we say one comment per contest entry, but not in this case. In the spirit of the Ten, you can enter ten times. You can send out ten tweets, and copy and paste each one here into a separate comment. Don't go past ten though!

Once we hit 10k reasons (contest comments to this post), we'll pick a winner who will receive an IOU for a BlackBerry 10 device!  The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone (whenever it's released), any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Good luck!