You may recall we started a contest in the forums awhile back to help show off what Story Maker on BlackBerry 10 is capable of. We left the first contest pretty open, with no theme or real end date, and we got a ton of fantastic entries from CrackBerry members. We saw everything from pets to kids to vacations and cars! As promised, we've picked out a few of the entries and will be sending out some cool CrackBerry gifts to the members that submitted them. You can take a look below at those entries, and make sure you head over to the thread in the forums to see all the videos that were submitted.

With the close of one contest, another opens! That's right, it's time to show us your creative side and maybe get some CrackBerry goodies of your very own. This time around we're going to have a theme, just to make it more interesting. Since it's summer and people are likely starting to venture out after enduring the winter months, we want to see what you're up to! Whether it's a day at the park like the video above, or a picnic at the beach, hiking in the mountains, boating on the lake... wherever your days take you, we want to go too! For more details and to enter, head over to the thread at the link below!

Enter the Story Maker contest, round two!

Winners from Round One



Ishaq Omar








Congrats! If you see your name and video above, watch your email. We'll be in touch soon with info on claiming your prize. Everyone else, get creative and leave your videos in the forum thread for your shot at winning.