I have been testing Home to Phone for the past couple weeks, and have to say it is one of the most useful BlackBerry applications I have come across. Like Android's Chrome to Phone, Home to Phone lets you share web pages to and from your BlackBerry device and desktop browser (Firefox plugin, Chrome beta, or Windows application).

Setting up Home to Phone is simple and easy. It can be done in about 5 minutes. After installing the BlackBerry Home to Phone application, you will need to install the Firefox plugin on your PC. Once both are installed, you will have to set a passcode for authorization on both the device, and the plugin.

Once you are all setup, the fun begins. Remember, Home to Phone allows you to share web pages from both PC to BlackBerry, and BlackBerry to PC. When sending a web page from your PC, the page automatically opens on your BlackBerry, and is almost instant. Another great feature is the ability to send phone numbers, which arrive in your inbox and are clickable, quickly connecting the call.

Overall, Home to Phone is one of the best BlackBerry applications I have used. I use it dozens of times per day and it works without any bugs whatsoever. Personally, throughout my busy day, there are countless situations where this comes in handy. The application is available on all BlackBerry models running OS 5 and up, but really shines on the new BlackBerry 6 webkit browser. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry App Store for the introductary price of $2.99.

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