Share the Love & Win Winners!

Cupid was firing BlackBerrys instead of Arrows this Valentine's Day! It turns out the Grand Prize Winners in our Share the Love & Win Valentine's Contest got engaged on February 10th!!!

Wes Lynch, aka member thewesman, referred his fiancé Melissa to join in order to gain entry for both of them in the contest. When it came time to draw for a grand prize winner, it was ultimately her lucky name that was pulled from the hat. And come prize claim time, Wes and Melissa made a swap - Melissa just purchased a new Pearl 8130 the week before winning, so she gave her soon-to-be hubby the grand prize (he replaced his Pearl 8100 with a Rogers Red 8310 Curve) and she pimped her new Pearl with accessories from the store!

Wes and Melissa - Congrats on Winning and Congrats on the Engagement!!! There's only one thing left to do now... come the big day you need to take some wedding shots posing with your BlackBerrys and Accessories. That seems likes a great way to start a marriage surrounded in BlackBerry love.