Listen up Team BlackBerry! You may well have heard your iPhone and Android buddies banging on about how cool Instagram is. Us BlackBerry users don't yet get access to that app on our platform but there is quite a nice alternative I have found.

MOLOME is similar to Instagram in that you can upload photos you have taken on your BlackBerry smartphone and then add one of 14 filters to change the way the picture looks. You can 'follow' friends who are also using the app so they will be able to see and comment on your photos and you theirs. In addition you can 'love' a friends photo by clicking the love button and they will be notified (hence the heart icons below with the key features).

There is also get the option to share your upload via Facebook or Twitter which is a huge plus point. I suppose MOLOME is like a little photography social network in its own right. MOLOME is free to download and while it isn't as good as Instagram it is the next best thing for us BlackBerry fanatics. Fingers crossed we will get Instagram on BlackBerry 10 but if not MOLOME should be a lot better or a larger slab device.

Key Features
♡ Fast camera access for instant sharing
♡ 14 magical filters, including the all time popular Vignette, Parlo, Croosy, Old Paper, Vintage, Sepia and Black & White
♡ New filters for MOLOMETM Blackberry release: Rainbow
♡ Sharing to MOLOMETM network, Facebook and Twitter
♡ Earn Badges
♡ Follow and view Friends' photos
♡ View Popular photos
♡ Love and comment photos
♡ Notification
♡ Easy view and update your own profile & photo
♡ Optimize performance for Blackberry devices
♡ Fast upload speed
♡ 100% free and unlimited photo uploads
♡ 640x480 screen resolution are fully supported

More information/Download MOLOME for BlackBerry smartphones

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