I realize that Amazon's free app of the day varies regionally and here in the UK I'm lucky enough to have picked this one up today for free, but I thought it was well worth sharing as it's pretty darn awesome.

I suspect there's won't be many BlackBerry 10 users that are not familiar with Brick Breaker - after all, we had it pre-loaded on legacy BlackBerry devices for years. Shards gives it a new modern twist and with a shed load of bonus items that drop from the bricks it spices things up very nicely.

Whether you are after a quick time killing game to see you through a few spare minutes or even if you want to engage in some serious gaming Shards will have you covered. Game play is smooth, the graphics are crisp and with a funky backing track what more could you ask for?

Features of Shards include:

  • Each level has its own original stunning fractal background

  • Glassy bricks are of arbitrary sizes and rotate to bring you interesting patterns to destroy

  • Shardiens - glassy enemies

  • Ten power-ups will help you to clean the board (including laser paddle, multiple balls, power ball and many others)

  • Listen to an original soundtrack

  • Play through three difficulty levels

If you're in another country and Shards is Amazon's free app of the day please feel free to let us know in the comments?

How to install Shards using the Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10