We first took a look at Shadowgun when it was released for the PlayBook. It's actually been available for the BlackBerry Z10 for some time now - but for some reason I've only just got around to playing it. And boy, have I been missing out - this one rocks!

Shadowgun sees you playing John Slade, a bounty hunter who is on a quest to hunt down Edgar Simon - a real bad man. Although, as you would expect with a third person shooter style game there is an element of combat involved you also need to use your skills in other ways. You'll come up against certain items that need security unlocking on a number keypad. You'll be shown the sequence and it's a case of then remembering it and keying it in yourself - not always that easy when the adrenaline is flowing. 

As you progress through the game you will pick up more weapons and up at the top right hand side of the display you can toggle between all the items in your arsenal. You can pick up extra ammo on all levels so for the main weapons you shouldn't run out.

The rest of the controls are straight forward. You have a virtual joy pad on the left of the screen to move you. On the right you can use gestures to look in different directions. The combination of these two will allow you to run and look/shoot in any direction at the same time. 

Also over on the right is your fire button along with one that performs a kind of roll. There is a third tab but I have no idea what it does! 

In addition to the standard Shadowgun game you also get an expansion pack for free which you can play before the original game if you desire.

Features of the expansion pack include:

  • The story directly follows the events of original Shadowgun
  • New datadisc is free
  • 4 new levels
  • New enemy creature
  • New gun
  • New type of gaming interaction
  • New collectibles
  • New soundtrack
  • Lot of new graphics, animations and cutscenes

As you would expect with a title from Unity the graphics are glorious. Compiled with great sound effects and smooth, seamless game play - Shadowgun is an absolute joy to play. It does come with a premium price tag though - £3.50/$4.99 but you get what you pay for. Shadowgun is actually cheaper to purchase from BlackBerry World than it is from Google Play. It looks like iPhone users save themselves a buck but this just goes to show that it isn't just us BlackBerry 10 users that are having to pay a premium price for a quality game. 

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