If you're in the market for an OS6 theme,Make sure you check this little bit of hotness out. Using the layout and icons we have seen so much of lately, Ninja has taken it to a slick new level with SEIS. A bottom dock of mini icons holds 10 user-defined apps, and the top corners of the banner bar hold two additional slots for your applications of choice.The homescreen also includes a hidden today with 8 entries, and the rest of the theme has been skinned to flow throughout. One of the best free OS 6 themes I have seen to date, it's a great sample of Ninja's skills, hitting the right marks without going overboard. Sadly, it's only for 480x360 devices running 5.0, but if you are only of the lucky ones with a supported device, hit the link below to find the OTA link on his site.

  • Download of SEIS from>>

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