It looks as though BBM is not the only BlackBerry app seeing some changes. A quick look at the BlackBerry software support lifecycle page shows several BlackBerry Android apps are now slated to reach End of Life status on June 30, 2019, including Productivity Tab, Power Center, Notable and Device Search.

What End of Life Means

  • The product will no longer be supported by BlackBerry
  • There will be no new versions of software
  • No software patches, security fixes or workarounds will be generated to resolve any product issues
  • BlackBerry Technical Support will no longer accept or troubleshoot issues directly related to the OS or application

Have to say, I'm kind of surprised to see Power Center there as lots of people that I know of use it. Notable (not Notes, don't get it confused) and Device Search I can understand a bit more since they're mainly replicating features that already exist and Google stomping out the ability to dig through SMS messages likely made Device Search a candidate for End of Life. Productivity Tab has always been a little buggy. For example, the inability to widen widgets stands out as a big bug. As a bit of replacement, you can access 'Today's agenda' through the keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately, the software support lifecycle page doesn't note why the apps are heading to End of Life status, but we've reached out BlackBerry for further comment. We'll update the post accordingly if they supply us with an answer, though, I suspect it will only come down to low-usage numbers.

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