BlackBerry is a name almost synonymous with email. Research in Motion figured out mobile email long ago and have been perfecting it ever since. These days, it's easier than ever to set up your email and manage multiple accounts. Personally, I have nine email accounts running on my BlackBerry; it can support up to 11 (10 email accounts plus your account).

Read on to learn more about setting up email on your BlackBerry. 


If you've already set up your first email account on your BlackBerry, you can feel free to skip ahead to the next section. If you use your BlackBerry for work, you may have been given an enterprise activation password. Be sure to follow the steps provided by your network administrator.  If your network administrator has permitted it, use the steps in the next section to add email address.

If you were not given a password or if you purchased your BlackBerry from a carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, etc.), you should have no problem in setting up your first email account. To begin, you'll need to open your email settings. How to do that depends on your operating system (OS).

OSFive users will find the Email Settings in the Setup folder. Click the Setup Wizard and then choose Email Settings, or just click the Email Setting icon. If you have never run the Setup Wizard, you may need to do so before the Email Settings icon will appear.

OS6 users will find the email settings within the Setup application.

You will next be presented with a message asking if you'd like to set up an Internet Mail Account or an Enterprise Account. Unless you were given an Enterprise Account Activation password by your system administrator, choose Internet Mail Account.

New BlackBerry owners can also set up a email account through their wireless provider. At the bottom of the list of providers, you'll see an option to create a new address. You'll be prompted to choose an address, password, and secret question.

Set up a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Internet Email Account 

If you already have an email account (such as a Gmail, Yahoo, etc. account), it's easy to setup that account on your BlackBerry. Follow the steps above to open your Email Settings. Some users may have to log in to their email settings, and OS6 Users will need to choose Add Email Account from the menu (BlackBerry key -> Add Email Account).

Once you've arrived at the Add Accounts screen, you'll have a number of email account type to choose from.  Major providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) are all available for quick and easy setup of your email account.  All you'll need is your email address and password.  Your BlackBerry does the rest of the work for you. Generally, you'll get an message within moments letting you know your email account is good to go.

If you use a service other than the ones listed, choose Other to begin setting up your account. In most cases, your BlackBerry will again only need your email address and password. Rarely, you will be required to provide information such as your pop3 and smtp server addresses.

That's it; your email account is set up.  You'll find a new icon on your home screen for the new account. You can send and view messages from your account there. Personally, I either hide or move the icon to a folder; it's just easier to send and view emails in the messages app.

Enjoy push email on your BlackBerry.  You're going to love instantaneous email.   

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