Whenever possible, I always try to get rid of cables. I use a wireless 802.11G network and am happy not to have to wire every room. I was curious to find out if there was a way to avoid using my USB cable to connect my BlackBerry to my PC. In fact, if your PC supports Bluetooth, it is possible and not too hard to configure. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager is compatible with Bluetooth and will allow you to accomplish some simple tasks without a cable.
Bluetooth Option
Bluetooth Options Screen

Let’s go inside the configuration steps. First, you need to enable Bluetooth on your BlackBerry device. In options, select “Bluetooth” and go into the Option screen. Be sure to give it a name, and check YES for Discoverable. This is nice to have the LED connection Indicator on: your LED will turn BLUE when a Bluetooth connection takes place.
Manager Screen
Desktop Manager Connection Settings

Now, start the Desktop Manager and select Options/Connections Settings. Enable Bluetooth support and click the Configure button. This software will discover your BlackBerry device and add support for it. You can also setup the system to automatically switch to USB when your cable is connected.
Desktop Manager Connection Settings
Desktop Manager
Desktop Manager Main Functions

Unfortunately, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager has some limitations when operating in Bluetooth mode. You will be able to Backup and Restore your data but not load new applications. Maybe a future update will take care of this!

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