BlackBerry Bridge was updated to version 2.0 to coincide with the huge BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update. In the video above, we will cover how to set up and use the new BlackBerry Bridge app.

The biggest feature of the updated BlackBerry Bridge app was the Remote Control feature allowing you to control your PlayBook with your BlackBerry phone. BlackBerry Bridge also now gives you the choice to select what items you want to be displayed on your PlayBook. This option is a welcome addition since BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 now has native email, contacts and calendars.  If you have those apps added through BlackBerry Bridge and navitely on your PlayBook, you may find that you get double notifications.

So, let's go through getting BlackBerry Bridge setup.

Setting Up and Using BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

Step One
Download and install BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 to your BlackBerry phone. You can download this from App World.

Step Two

BlackBerry Bridge Setup

On your PlayBook, go to BlackBerry Bridge in the Settings. Tap on Set-up and then enter a name for you PlayBook where prompted, then tap Next.

BlackBerry Bridge PlayBook name

Step Three

BlackBerry Bridge Installation prompt

You are then asked to install BlackBerry Bridge. If you did this at Step One, then just tap Continue. If you have not yet installed BlackBerry Bridge you can tap Install Now to scan the barcode.

Step Four 

BlackBerry Bridge Add a Tablet

On your BlackBerry phone, launch BlackBerry Bridge and then select Add New Tablet, then Continue. You can then scan the barcode on your PlayBook and start the pairing process.

Step Five

BlackBerry Bridge items

Once the devices have paired up you will then be given the ability to choose what items you would like to be displayed on your PlayBook through BlackBerry Bridge. If you will be adding emails, contacts and calendars natively to your PlayBook, it may be worthwhile deselecting Contacts, Calendar and Messages from here to avoid double notifications. Once you have chosen the items you want displayed via BlackBerry Bridge click Continue. Pairing is now complete.

Step Six

BlackBerry Bridge done

On your PlayBook, tap Done, go to your homescreen and you will find an icon for BlackBerry Bridge. Inside the folder you will find the apps you selected to be displayed through BlackBerry Bridge.

BlackBerry Bridge Icon

You now have BlackBerry Bridge setup on your PlayBook. All you have to do is tap on the app you want to run and voila BBM on a bigger screen, even better if you can use BlackBerry Remote to use your keyboard to make typing easier. Check out the video above for a quick run through on setting up BlackBerry Bridge.

To discuss BlackBerry Bridge or any other PlayBook issue, visit the PlayBook forums

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