SeriesPro episode guide

When it comes to television, I classify myself as a fanatic. Whether it's streaming, recording, or through cable, nothing will keep me from my favorite shows. I also enjoy reading all of the latest news and information on a wide array of TV series. To help feed your TV addiction, QtHelex released a native third-party client for the called SeriesPro episode guide. This online database is a repository for episode guides, as well as, viewing and downloading fan art, season images, and posters.

SeriesPro is a simple and easy-to-use BlackBerry 10 app for accessing the database. When you first launch the app, the main screen is blank. This is because this area is reserved for series marked as your favorite. All you have do is use the blue search button at the bottom to browse the database for your personal favorites or to discover new programs.

After selecting your television show you have a few options. You can mark the show as your favorite (for quick access when launching the app), go through the episode guide, or access the fan art, posters, and season images to download onto your device. For images, you can choose to save them or set them as your wallpaper, contact picture, BBM picture etc. When going through the episode guide, you can mark episodes as watched or read the synopsis.

SeriesPro offers an intuitive and seamless experience and multi-language support.

If you are searching for an additional resource to feed your television addiction, you can find SeriesPro episode guide in BlackBerry World for $1.99.

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