OS4.5 Coming in September

The BG just posted up some slides from a RIM BlackBerry BIS 2.5 presentation. It's mainly old hat for all the CrackBerrys reading this, but of real interest is the slide above. It looks like OS4.5 will be available for all BlackBerrys in September. I don't think this necessarily means we will all have to wait until September to get it (Vodafone already has it), more so that the OS4.5 carrier by carrier rollout should be complete (hopefully!) by then. When it comes to the BlackBerry Bold, it will of course be launching with OS4.6, and will support HTML email viewing at launch. Missing from the above list is the BlackBerry 8700. Previous reports showed that the 8700 series would get the 4.5 upgrade. I'm sure the 8700 will get 4.5, but this info seems to indicate otherwise (maybe just left off the list!).

** Actually... in looking at this info more closely, there's no mention of the 8320 or CDMA BlackBerry Models on these slides. Most likely this is from an AT&T carrier presentation (those model #'s all jive) and thus the info may not be 100% valid for all other carriers. Don't panic - OS4.5 will surely be coming your way.

Head on over to the BG's gallery for some other details on BIS 2.5. Of note is a 3MB max for attachment downloads in native format.