CTIA is getting set to roll in a about a week and for some companies out there such as Avanquest software this is their time to shine and show off what they have been working on for new products and services.

And in the case of Avanquest software, they have a new Mobile, PC and Web application in the works called SendPhotos. Currently running in beta form and offering up to 1 gigabyte of photo storage space to those who sign up, SendPhotos is off to a great start. You can read on for more details.

With supported devices being the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and Bold SendPhotos services consists of the following options:

SendPhotos Mobile

  • Automates upload of snapshots to SendPhotos.com
  • A convenient Set-up Wizard.
  • Avoid costly data charges that can otherwise occur when uploading photos while roaming. 
SendPhotos PC
  • Providing the flexibility of online or offline organizing.
  • Easy upload, download and synchronizing of photos and image albums.
  • Cropping, redeye reduction and color and contrast correction tools for use before sharing images.
SendPhotos Web
  • A personal and private online cache for uploading, archiving, synchronization and sharing of digital images.
  • Allows access only to user-authorized family, friends and associates without third-party publicity or search-engine pickup and dissemination across the Internet.
  • A simple drag-and-drop, animated and extremely fluid interface facilitates the easy transfer of stored photos to a variety of external photo sharing and social networking sites, including Picasa, MySpace and many others.

I can see how this application cpuld be useful once it gets rolling, being able to upload your pics from anywhere and have to go out across social networks and blogs as soon as they are uploaded is awesome, could be quite useful as a blogging tool as well.

Check Out The Send Photos Beta Sign Up Page And Get Started On Your Account >>

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