I don't always like to send BBM messages with fancy fonts. I used to when I owned a BlackBerry OS device and made use of Fancy Characters but that kind of stopped when I got BlackBerry 10. Now that I have discovered Fontify, I have been sending those kind of messages again. Even the occasional tweet. Sometimes to the annoyance of my followers.

There is a big list of fonts available to use in Fontify. From a simple Alpha font to Gothic Style to Greekified. There is even an Anti Gravity font that lets you message or tweet your text upside down. Which can be quite fun at times.

Fontify is simple yet it is very nicely executed. You have a text field at the top where you type out your message. Below that is a list of all the fonts, you can select each of them to see what your text will look like. Once you're happy with your font style just tap Share in the top right. This brings up the native share menu while at the same time copies the text to your clipboard, for if you wanted to paste it elsewhere. 

Along the bottom, there is also an option to see your history. You can just tap on a previous message and it will bring up the share menu. This is useful for any greetings you may frequently use, I guess. 

As, I've said already Fontify is quite a simple ultility app but I am loving it. The UI is nice and the app layout is good. Even the whole color scheme is pleasing to the eye. If you love sending messages in various fancy fonts, then you should definitely check out Fontify. It is available from BlackBerry World for all currently BlackBerry 10 smartphones. It will cost you $1.99.

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