Hot off of the heels of today's BlackBerry Z30 announcement, Selfridges in London already have the Z30 up for pre-order. Ready for the price.........£600! I'm pretty sure that this won't be the price at all SIM free retailers here in the UK but that's a lot of money for a smartphone. 

If you are going to order from Selfridges they are showing that the Z30 will be dispatched on the 26th of September, so only just over a week to wait. But at £600 I'm seriously wondering how many they will sell.

As the new flagship BlackBerry won't be available until next week I'd urge you to maybe wait and see what other prices crop up. 

Would you pay that amount for the Z30 SIM free? Sound off in the comments. 

Pre-order the BlackBerry Z30 from Selfridges