Device Sale

Have you been holding out for a sale to pick up a brand new cobalt blue BlackBerry Classic? Perhaps you have had your eyes on a white BlackBerry Leap? If so, now just might be the moment you have been waiting for as BlackBerry has placed select devices on sale for over 20% off from now until September 1st.

As BlackBerry notes, prices and devices do depend on region and sadly, the sale has excluded the BlackBerry Passport but still, there are some good deals to be found in the mix such as BlackBerry Leap for $199, a BlackBerry Classic for $349 USD and even the Z30 which has got to be running into limited stock by now but is still a fan favorite is available for only $249 USD. If you happen to pick up a device, don't forget we have you covered on accessories as well as right now, until midnight August 18th, we're offering 20% off all accessories when you use coupon code ABC15 at checkout.

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