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Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster

CrackBerry member eve6er69 recently took a look at the Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and was kind enough to post his thoughts in the forums for anyone that may be interested in picking one of these up. This post comes from our Community Reviews forums. Post your review and if we promote it to the blogs you'll receive a coupon for free accessories. Read on for his review!

Seidio has gone ahead and released a welcome addition to their extended battery design for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 and it is in the form of their SURFACE line of products. Now I will warn you this case is not for the faint of heart. I have read many comments here on the forums complaining that the added size of the battery alone is too much for them, but to some people like myself I just need something that will last me through a rough day and then some. Like I said it is not for the faint of heart because it does add some bulk to your device; not enough to complain about but enough to notice.

Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster

The case itself is constructed with Seidio's well known soft touch material which feels slip proof in your hands. inside the case there is a felt liner where the back of the battery goes. Now this case is a one piece case so it clips in almost like the official BlackBerry soft shell cases. The top and bottom portions of the phone where you find the charging contacts and the standby button are exposed for ease of use. As normal the charging, camera and volume rocker ports are all exposed. I have to say, holding the device in one hand feels solid with this case on. Seidio did a great job at rounding the edges where the battery door meets the phone to make it look as streamlined as possible.

Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster
Another product they also released with the SURFACE case is an updated belt clip. I have the original belt clip and this one feels much more rugged than the previous one. It feels like they made this for people like myself that work in harsh environments. It has a larger belt loop hook which seems like it should fit a utility belt with no problems.
Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster
The clip mechanism also has grooved teeth to link in with the back of the clip assuring you that it will not become disconnected from your belt. Even the release lever has been adjusted for this case as a larger, thicker one and you can tell they spent some time on the development of the belt clip itself.
Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster
Now because it does clip onto the sides and rests on the back of the phone there are no front screen obstructions or lines going across device. You do get a slight raise on the sides of the keyboard that you do have to give time to get used to. I have been using them for not looking at my phone and knowing where the keyboard ends without looking down.

As many of you know I am a lineman for a cable company so I do a lot of rough and tough work. I have been using this case combo with the belt clip for the past 3 weeks and haven't worried about the status of my device while it is on my hip even once. It has taken more bangs and nicks and peels from me being extra clumsy trying to put the case to the test and let me tell you it has passed them all. Aside from throwing my phone off my hip I have put this case through the ringer.

I have to say with all of the cases and clips I have for this device Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster is filed in my favorites drawer. It does add some bulk but that bulk adds a lot more security to the device and also to your peace of mind not having to worry about your $500 investment.

Thanks for the great review eve6er69! If you'd like to comment or ask questions you may do so at the forum link below, and if you're interested in purchasing your own Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster (remember, the battery is not included) a link for them can be found below as well.

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