In my pursuit for the perfect BlackBerry Z10 case, the next stop is the Seidio Surface case. The Seidio Surface case for the BlackBerry Z10 is a two-piece design that slides over your Z10 and snaps on for a secure fit. 

The case itself it made of hard plastic with "soft-touch" coating. The coating gives you just the right amount of grip but won't go crazy collection dust or lint like some silicone cases. The build quality on this case is awesome - right down to the interior lining. Where other cases are just plastic on the inside, the Seidio Surface case has a small felt layer to keep the back of your device free from scratches inside the case.

Seidio Surface Back

To use the case, you simply slide on the top portion then click in the bottom. It holds tight with no worry of accidentally falling off (even when dropped). If you want to remove it, just press down on the back where indicated and the case comes right off. It gives you full protection (sans screen) as it wraps around the entire device and will keep you safe from most drops.

The best part? As an added bonus the Surface case has a built-in kickstand. So if you're a big media user on your Z10 you can prop your device up and watch movies all day long. When you're done the stand folds right back into the case as if it were never there. 

Seidio Surface Kickstand

The Seidio Surface case for the BlackBerry Z10 is available in a variety of colors so you can show off your own style. 

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