For those of you who are not already aware, I tend to be extremely hard on my devices. This includes, but is not limited to, drops, bumps, falls, and being thrown into a bag without regard to the other items in it. I am sure we can all relate to that moment when we see our BlackBerry start to fall and are helpless to stop it from hitting the floor. That happened to me at work when my BlackBerry Passport slipped from my fingers and crashed on the hardwood floor. Everyone around me stared and asked if anything was broken. Needless to say the Passport is tough when it comes to spills but I became determined to find a case.

Seidio has always been at the top of my list for cases. No matter which device I owned, one of their styles always wound on my device, be it the SURFACE or ACTIVE/DILEX. Since the release of the Passport, I have waited, somewhat patiently, for them to release a version. I saw this SURFACE case pop up in ShopCrackBerry and I instantly put it to good use. It is also available in three different colors, Black, Royal Blue, and Garnet Red, if you want to change things up a bit.

It has a lightweight design so as to not add extra bulk or interfere with various buttons and functions. While the Passport itself has some heft to it, I find the weight the case adds to be rather negligible. It utilizes the same two-piece interlocking design seen in prior models, though without the kickstand introduced in prior models (that I miss), which means you simply slide the pieces on the top and bottom of your device and snap into place.

The two-piece design combines a polycarbonate shell with a padded interior for a rather solid build and feel. What I have always liked about the Seidio SURFACE line is the soft coating. Not only does this provide a firm grip on your device to prevent it from slipping out of your hands, but protects it from daily wear and tear including scratches. I find it much easier to type now that my hands seem to have a better anchor as it were. However, I noticed quality varies by device. For instance, while the SURFACE case for my Bold 9900 repelled dirt and smudges, this one I find is a magnet for them. Yet, even with the dust and fingerprint stains it never shows a mark or blemish from scratches or other accidents.

Even though it has a polycarbonate shell this does not mean that it will insulate your device from damage due to other types of surfaces it may come in contact with (i.e. the pavement). What it does ensure is that day-to-day spills and drops won't a pose problem. The case covers the sides, back, corners, and offers a slight lift to the screen so that it offers protection if it falls face down or if you lay it on a table.

All ports are easily accessible as there are cutouts for each of them. However, my one complaint is that the power and volume buttons appear as if they do not line up properly even though I can use them without issue. It sometimes feels as if the side of the case is too close to them. It's not a huge issue and probably most users may not notice, it is just my personal preference is all.

The Good

  • Solid design and grip
  • Protects from everyday slips, falls, scratches and accidents
  • Provides protection with a lightweight design
  • Does not interfere with gestures or obstruct the screen in any way
  • The edge around the screen means you can leave it face down without fear of damaging the display

The Bad

  • The coating tends to collect fingerprints and dirt
  • Does not offer full-body protection against more serious accidents
The Bottom Line

There have been numerous iterations of the SURFACE case over the years depending on the BlackBerry device. Seidio built a reputation for delivering high quality cases aimed at different levels of protection. The SURFACE line was never one to offer full-body protection, yet with the Passport, I find you don't need to as it holds its own against the hazards of everyday use. For those seeking a balance between having a durable case for your device yet not be bogged down with something heavy to carry on a daily basis then this one does, on all accounts, keep it safe. There is also a holster available to purchase as well as I know many of you cannot live without one.

Seidio SURFACE Case Back ViewSeidio SURFACE Case Bottom ViewSeidio SURFACE Case Top ViewSeidio SURFACE Case Side View

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