A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Seidio Slim Rubberized case for the Pearl. Many of our readers were wondering about the availability of a similar case for the new BlackBerry 8800 and 8830.

Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case

The new product is finally out and our friends at Seidio were kind enough to ship us a version to review. Again, I was extremely impressed by the super slim case.

First, the shell is very slim, just 1mm tick. The case is fairly easy to assemble and fortunately, you won’t have to remove it from your BlackBerry very often, maybe from time to time to clean your device.

On Belt
Openings for all connectors

Like all these type of cases, Seidio’s Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case offers all the openings for keyboard, connectors, microphone, speaker, etc… Overall, this is a beautiful case, it is very well designed and it provides excellent protection.

The Seidio case can be found here.

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