When it comes to carrying around the BlackBerry Passport, I have always been partial to holsters to let me quickly access my device and for maximum screen protection. Rather than throwing it in my bag or shoving it in my jacket pocket it remains secure on my belt while I go about my day. Now while BlackBerry has released a leather swivel holster for the Passport, I prefer one that presents users with a quicker way of getting the device off my belt, without having to fumble when lifting the cover. The Seidio Spring Clip Holster is a solid choice for those who want a durable holster to use on a daily basis. It is designed to keep your device locked down tight with access to all of the ports as well as provide quick-release access when you need to check your messages.

Over the years, Seidio Holsters have found their way into my hands for my devices. While I used their clips in conjunction with their cases, for the Passport I decided to go with the Spring Clip option. For me this meant I would be leaving my device naked and exposed to the elements. However, Seidio designed a stylish and well-built no frills holster for carrying around your Passport.

It is light, with a sturdy top spring clip. Not only does this ensure that it stays in place on your belt but also that your device doesn't go flying when you go to take it out. Another design feature is that the bottom corners do stick out a bit. These corners keep your device in place when you release the top spring so the phone doesn't just fall to the ground.

Once that clip goes over the top of your Passport it will stay in place until you lift the clip to release. It is hard to see but if you take a close look there is a strip of rubber so when you clip your device, there won't be any scratches. Even when using over the past couple of weeks, I noticed it didn't lose tension. Although I cannot account for what will happen over a longer period of time.

Another important aspect of the holster is how it protects your display. We all know how you slide the phone face-first into the holster and snap the top clip over the top. I mean the screen on the Passport is 4.5" diagonal; there is no way I would want it to succumb to scratches or cracks especially when dropped. As with many of their cases and holsters, Seidio provides a soft felt lining to protect the screen from various elements. In addition, there is also a magnet to put your device to sleep once holstered.

Finally, the holster offers a rotating clip that provides seven different angles. This is so that you can wear the phone vertically or horizontally or to adjust to the various activities you might be performing.

The Good

  • Extremely easy to insert and remove device
  • Spring clip is sturdy and durable - does not require an additional lock to keep in place
  • Thin and lightweight – does not feel bulky or heavy on your hip
  • Designed for face

The Bad

  • The felt lining attracts dirt and dust
  • The back of your device remains exposed to damage
The bottom line

The Seidio Spring Clip Holster is a solid, well-built thin holster to keep your Passport securely at your side without the need for a case. The phone easily attaches to the holster without requiring a lock, protects your display, and grants quick access. I like how it pops right into the holster with little to no wear to speak of. There are no major issues to speak of when using it on a daily basis as long as there are no serious drops or accidents that could destroy the back of your phone. The Seidio Spring Clip Holster can be found at ShopCrackBerry for $26.95.

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