Seidio has a long history of making great smartphone accessories and they've now introduced a new batch of cases and holsters for the BlackBerry KEY2 which includes their Optik, Spring Clip, and Surface lines.

BlackBerry KEY2 Optik

The BlackBerry KEY2 Optik is the basic offering from Seidio made of durable and flexible TPU coming in at 2.0mm thin. The raised edges on the Optik case help keep your display and camera lens from hard surfaces. Additionally, each Optik case has cutouts to allow for easy access to all buttons and headphone jack. You can check out an unboxing here.

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BlackBerry KEY2 Spring Clip Holster

Seidio's Spring Clip Holster holds your KEY2 in place but allows for quick, easy access. Designed to be used 'naked', inside the Spring Clip Holster is a felt liner which protects your KEY2 from scratches. This Spring Clip Holster can be worn in any one of seven different positions, ranging between horizontal and vertical.

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BlackBerry KEY2 Surface

Coming in three different colors, black, blue and red, the KEY2 Surface case offers a slim look and feel. On top of that, it also comes with a built-in kickstand making it one of the best options if you like sitting your KEY2 on your desk for video chats or watching videos.

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BlackBerry KEY2 Surface Holster

Built to go along with the BlackBerry KEY2 Surface case, the KEY2 Surface Holster has a top spring-clip holds your device and lifts quickly for easy access. Just like the Spring Clip Holster, it also features a felt liner to protect your display from scratches and can be worn in multiple different positions.

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As the items are newer, the only spot we're seeing right now to grab them is from the Seidio website and some are listed as out of stock, but that will certainly change in short order as Seidio has always been great at getting their products out there. Have you picked up any of them yet or are planning on it? Let us know in the comments.