About a week back we posted up a video of the new Seidio Innocase Rugged for the Bold 9700. In the video I did a mini throwdown with an OtterBox Defender. Unfortunately all I had on hand was an old 8830 model, so it wasn't really a "true" comparison (as everyone let me know in the comments). So today we bring you round 2. I got my hands on a Defender series case for the Bold 9700, so here we have a true battle. The video runs a bit long since I covered both cases again, but it should give you a better idea of what's what when it comes to all-out protection for your 9700. In the end, I think that the OtterBox edges out the Rugged (but not by much) overall, but if you're planning on launching your device into the pavement, the Rugged may give you a better shot at survival.

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  • More information and purchase of the OtterBox Defender Series >>

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