Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Storm

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Out of the box, it is obvious that this case has the same nice qualities as the other Innocases sold by Seidio. The finish on the outside is the same as that of an Innocase II-that cross between a hard case and a silicone case. The material makes it a case that will slide easily in and out of your pockets.

Seidio Innocase 360 for StormSeidio Innocase 360 for Storm

It was extremely easy to put together... the device just gets set in the bottom half of the case, and then the top half just snaps right on. There are no sharp edges anywhere on the case-all of the cut-outs for the various keys are very smooth. The material for the case where it covers the four keys at the bottom of the device is a rubber-like material, and is quite flexible-and because it is white, it allows light to shine through where the 4 keys are labeled on the case. 

Seidio Innocase 360 for StormSeidio Innocase 360 for Storm

There are cut-outs in the case for the convenience keys, volume keys, lock/mute buttons, micro USB port, camera, speakers, LED, and mic. The case is only 1mm thick, so I don't feel that it adds much bulk to the phone at all. I can still easily slide the device in and out of my pockets-and I have pretty small pockets! 

Seidio Innocase 360 for Storm
Seidio Innocase 360 for StormSeidio Innocase 360 for StormSeidio Innocase 360 for Storm

When you first put the case together, some air bubbles will probably show up under the screen-the insert that comes with the case states that these are due to a solution they apply to the screen guard during manufacturing and that the bubbles will go away over time. At the end of day two, the bubbles had still not gone away for me, so I took the case apart and put it back together to get rid of the bubbles, and they haven't been back since. The screen cover is nice and clear, and I personally think it holds up against fingerprints a bit better than the screen protector I originally had on my device.

The touch screen is extremely responsive under the screen cover-I have no issues selecting anything on the screen, and the screen still clicks as it should. Just out of curiosity, I left my original screen protector on the phone for the first couple hours of using the case-the screen was just as responsive with both the screen protector and the screen cover of the case on the device.

I have had to adjust my typing just a bit to accommodate for the case, as it is built to come right up to the edge of the on-screen keyboard on all 3 sides-it makes access to the letters at the edges of the keyboard just a little bit harder. However, this design also ends the annoyance of the light leaking from around the edges of the screen (and I'm sure many of you will be happy about that)! I have easily adapted to the case and my typing speed is now back to where it was before I put the case on my device.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Innocase 360, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for 360 degrees of protection for their device. This case should cut down tremendously on the dust issues people have with the device, and I think it looks nice, too.

This case can also be used both with Seidio's Innocase Holster, and Seidio's Innocase Desk Charger.

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