Throughout the years I have owned a plethora of cases. Some were thin and light, others were thick and bulky, and many fell somewhere in-between. One case that caught my eye was the Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo. Designed to accommodate whatever you throw at it, the design is geared towards a person's various needs. How you may ask? It is actually two cases in one, or rather what I like to call the SURFACE case on steroids, to provide the ultimate protection for your BlackBerry Classic.

This two case in one design serves a dual purpose. For those times a sleek and slim case is preferable, all one must do is leave the first layer intact, which is the SURFACE case. If you are not already familiar with this case, it offers a lightweight design providing easy access to all of the ports, buttons, and functions. This particular style comes with their signature soft coating for a firm and non-slip grip as well as the felt lining on the interior to protect your device. The exterior is two interlocking halves which provide drop and scratch protection and is perfect for daily use.

However, for those times where standard run of the mill protection won't do, Seidio throws in a rugged skin and skeleton. These pieces go over the SURFACE case. The skin is a thin silicone case which is not flimsy at all though does attract lint and dust. You won't be breaking or tearing this layer with continual use. Unlike the layer below where all the ports and buttons are open and accessible, this layer covers the camera, volume controls, lock button, and the USB port. Once the skin is in place, the plastic exoskeleton is applied to keep everything in place. With these two pieces firmly locked together you have a rugged case that provides protection against shocks, falls, drops, accidents on just about any surface.

The only issue I see users having with the camera flap. You have to pull it down and press into a small hole in the skeleton. This is not always easy to do without pressing hard as the flap does not always stay in place. If you want to snap pictures on the fly be warned.

The final major piece of this design is the holster. When having a strong durable case isn't enough you can carry your Classic on your hip with no fear. The holster swivels in seven different directions and offers a locking mechanism for both the top and the swivel. Needless to say your phone won't be falling out or becoming loose while locked in and it is front facing to protect your screen. While it offers locks for security and the swivel, I found on my holster the swivel lock had issues and didn't always work.

The Good

  • Choose the level of protection you need
  • All layers provide a durable design
  • Magnet in holster for sleep function
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Durable and sturdy

The Bad

  • Hinders keyboard functionality on side when the rugged skin is in place
  • Bulky and heavy when all layers are together
  • Takes time to remove all layers
  • Locking mechanism at top of holster slides into position too easily
The bottom line

If you are searching for a way to secure and protect your BlackBerry Classic with absolutely no chance of any harm this is an impressive combination case. Whatever your profession may be this case offers high levels of protection. It may be extreme to some, but then again, you can fall back on the SURFACE case. Your Classic will be well protected with this. Being able to add or remove layers is certainly a bonus depending on the day's activities. The Combo also includes a screen protector as well to protect your display from scratches without losing sensitivity or clarity. You can find it at ShopCrackBerry for $46.95

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