BlackBerry 8800 Cases Now Available I'm happy to announce we now have a large selection of Seidio's BlackBerry 8800 cases available for purchase in the store.

The Crack Team has always been impressed with Seidio's products, and their line-up of BlackBerry 8800 cases are no exception.

Seidio BlackBerry 8800 Cases:

Blackberry 8800 Seidio Crystal CaseSeidio Crystal Case
Only 1.2mm thick, this sleek case offers protection against scratches yet does not add a substantial amount of weight to your 8800.

BlackBerry 8800 Seidio HolsterSeidio Holster
The ultimate in convenience and functionality, this holster is the easiest way to carry and protect your 8800.


BlackBerry 8800 Seidio Hybrid Crystal CaseSeidio Hybrid Crystal Case
This Hybrid Crystal case gives you the best of both worlds! The completely transparent front side, allows you to showcase your 8800 without any added colors or tints for maximum visability. The rubberized material on the back-side of the case allows for a better grip on your phone and protection. 

BlackBerry 8800 Seidio Rubberized Hard CaseSeidio Rubberized Hard Case
This sleek new case is specifically designed to perfectly fit the contours and shape of the 8800.

BlackBerry 8800 Seidio Skin CaseSeidio Skin Case
This sleek skin case for the 8800 has a perfect fit. At only 1.2mm thick, it adds little bulk to your BlackBerry, while still protecting it from scratches and possible impact shocks.

BlackBerry 8800 Seidio Skinned HolsterSeidio Skinned Holster
The ultimate in convenience and functionality! This holster is designed to slip your 8800 in and out of the holster with just one hand!