Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery for BlackBerry Pearl 8100

I imagine that if you are a regular on this site, you are a die hard…..a CrackBerry addict perhaps.  I live on my BlackBerry Pearl.  It is my lifeline, my calendar, my contact directory, my quick source to the internet, my music player and more.  Each day I lost count of how many emails I check and respond to on my BlackBerry, usually while listening to my favorite tunes.  Sometimes, I even watch a full length movie when I have some down time.

Understandably, I have to charge my BlackBerry every single day.  On heavy use days, I might charge in the morning and again at night.  Usually, once charge a day covers all my use – which is pretty terrific compared to other SmartPhones.

Recently, I had the chance to demo and now review Seidio’s extended battery for the Pearl.  If you are a power user looking for more battery life – the difference is astounding!

Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery
To put this in perspective, I have really tried to overuse my BlackBerry (if there is such a thing) while testing this battery.  I have gone through two full cycles and my results are consistent.  Before I give you my thoughts and conclusions, here is the “official line” from Seidio:

The Blackberry Pearl Extended Battery provides approximately 170 % more capacity than the 900mAh battery that initially ships with the device. This is the answer for those on the go. Even with heavy phone and data use, this battery will keep your Pearl going throughout the day.

Packed with a lot of power into one battery, this product only extends your BlackBerry Pearl 8100 by 5-6 mm. Many find that the extended battery cover actually makes the BlackBerry easier to hold.

You will also receive one battery door for your device with your purchase. Because of the fingerprint issues associated with the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, the door is a little more matte than the original. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

The battery door also has a speaker opening for better sound quality and volume from your Pearl and cut-outs for the camera opening and self portrait mirror.


The first thing you will notice about this battery is that it is huge compared to the standard OEM battery.  So big, in fact, that Seidio has to also provide the user with a new back door for the Pearl.  The battery adds about 5 to 6 mm of thickness to the overall device which means that the new battery door protrudes from the back of the Pearl.

What you get in the Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery Box
A look at what comes in the box

The battery is also much heavier than the stock battery.  With the battery in place, my Pearl is no longer the sleek, slim device it once was.

The Seidio Extended Life Battery for the 8100
My Pearl is Not as Slim as it Used to be!

The back door provided by Seidio has the self portrait mirror and covering for the camera lens. It also adds something that the original back of the Pearl is lacking – a Speaker grille.  It always was confusing to my why the standard back to the Pearl had no cutout or grille – this design change makes lots of sense.

Back View of the Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery
A look from the back

Ease of Use:

There is little to say here – just replace your battery, put on the new cover and charge it up.  A full charge takes a little longer than with the standard OEM battery – but not significantly longer.

The protrusion in the back takes  a little getting used to.  I did find, however, that the Pearl was actually easier to hold with a little protrusion in the back.  It was heavier and it did not fit quite as easily into my pocket as it once did.  Also, none of my really nice cases for the Pearl could be used with the extended battery in place.

A Look at the Seidio Extended Battery for the Pearl
Note how the battery protrudes!

Improvement in Battery Life:

This would be the key feature for anyone seeking to purchase an extend life battery.  All I can say is that from its last charge, I am on day 4 without recharging.  Day 4!  Remember, I usually charge every night.  The company says that you will get a 170% in battery life – I have averaged between 200% and 400% more battery life, which is just staggering.

Overall Conclusions:

If you are in need of more power from your Pearl – look no further than the Seidio 2600 aMh Extended Battery (with battery door.)  The difference in battery life is truly amazing.  A typical user can go three to five days without needing a charge – as opposed to most users who need to recharge every day.

I would imagine that for road warriors and those who journey far from home for extended periods of time, this would be invaluable.  If you get the most out of your Pearl by using the media features, using the GPS, using WiFi or spending lots of time on line you will see a dramatic increase in battery life.

This does come at a cost – and that cost is both aesthetic and overall bulk.  The battery weighs a lot and this is noticeable.  You also can’t use your standard cases or fit the Pearl quite as easily into your pocket.

Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery Review Summary:
Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery for BlackBerry Pearl 8100
Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery Ratings


  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Again...Amazing Battery Life!


  • Extra Bulk and Weight

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