Seesmic Rolls Out Version 1.3 Of Their Twitter Client For BlackBerry

Seesmic has rolled out the latest version of their Twitter client for BlackBerry. Version 1.3 is now available for download via the Seesmic website. While it's not much of a version jump it does certainly address some of the bugs from previous versions. As listed on the Seesmic blog:

  • Permissions Loop
  • Fixes for Notifications for Replies and DMs
  • Ensure Search Timelines are updating with Geolocation tweets 
  • Ensure Updates are shown in your Profile Information. 
  • Adding Twitter account with e-mail address 
  • Allowing Location Data to be set to allow or deny in Settings 
  • Allowing foreign charecters to be shown in account 

If you're a fan of using Seesmic for your twitter account be sure to check it out. They also adjusted some of the integration as well, so I'm sure that could be helpful if you use that service.