Seesmic For BlackBerry Updated To Version Now Includes BIS-B Support, Image Preview & More

Seesmic for BlackBerry was updated last night. Getting a version bump up to and including a whole host of changes that people have been asking for. Most importantly, BIS-B support which will allow for a lot more users to connect to Twitter through the application. In addition to BIS-B support, picture preview, deletion and RT of tweets was also added and finally, Google maps integration to make better use of the Twitter Geo location services.

Seesmic is looking like a more complete choice with each and every update. So I guess the question is, anyone using Seesmic over say UberTwitter or SocialScope already? Or do you feel it's not quite there enough yet to make Seesmic your main Twitter app? What do you still want to see in Seesmic to make it your go to twitter client?