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Loic Le Meur of Seesmic gave us the heads up that their twitter client for BlackBerry Smartphones will be getting a big update today (should be live soon). You can visit on your BlackBerry's web browser to download or checkout their BlackBerry product page here. As for the update, it brings multi-account support as well as support for up to 50 social networks thanks to integration and their partnership with TweetPhoto. Full details below. And if you're torn between which twitter client to use on your BlackBerry, be sure to check out Adam's Ultimate BlackBerry Twitter Client Roundup.

Seesmic BlackBerry now supports Multi-Accounts, up to 50 social networks with and TweetPhoto Partnership

Seesmic for BlackBerry is raising the standards in smart mobile engagement. Always having in mind the infinite number of online social networks, the app introduces Multi-Accounts, component and Choosing photo uploading size. Seesmic for BlackBerry also focuses on other features that will make your Twitter experience faster, much more efficient and useful.

Multi-Accounts and cross-posting
Seesmic introduces the possibility to add multiple Twitter accounts. The Seesmic for BlackBerry update, thus, gives you the ability to simultaneously verify the accounts introduced and reach out to your Twitter followers at all times. The app does not only assure connectivity and easiness in sharing beliefs and ideas, but it also guarantees natural and intuitive navigation between multiple accounts.

When posting a new tweet, you can simply select the accounts you want to send from. The app allows you to maintain a default account which will be generated each time you open Seesmic for BlackBerry. Adding up to ten accounts and checking timeline and information provided in each, will surely make the Twitter experience not only a professional one, but fast and attractive. is now integrated with Seesmic
Seesmic for BlackBerry now introduces the component. Add the account and you can not only engage in social conversations, but also maintain your audience aware at all times and through about 50 social networks. When launching the introduced account, you will see the added networks and posting will occur concurrently in all. You can create an account on and find more information on how to use the network on

TweetPhoto Service.
We are happy to introduce the possibility to share pictures through the TweetPhoto service. Smart devices enable you to always stay connected and share the information you consider most important with your Twitter friends. Therefore, Seesmic for BlackBerry and now TweetPhoto is our preferred platform. This service provides online communication and image sharing an advantage of all social media users. Uploading images through TweetPhoto enables continuous social interactions around real-time photo sharing.

Choosing Photo uploading size
You can now select the size of the photos you wish to post. Opting between Small, Medium or Large, you will be able to upload any image and not experience difficulties related to its dimension. Either in your Twitter accounts, in on in both platforms at the same time, sharing pictures with services such as TweetPhoto can become one important benefit of smart mobile devices.

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