I used to use screen protectors on all my BlackBerry devices but lately I haven't bothered. Though, when I got my BlackBerry Z30, I did keep the screen protector that was already on the screen but that scratched quite easily and I eventually removed but after a month or so. I didn't replace it either. I have recently come across the Tru Protection Anti-Glare Film Set and thought I'd check it out to see how anti-glare it really is.

Inside the packaging you get two screen protectors and a cleaning cloth. No squeegee but you really don't need one, this is one of the most easiest screen protectors I've ever applied onto a device. It doesn't have two layers to peel off like you normally do, mainly because you have that anti-glare layer on the front. It was just a case of peeling off the back of the screen protector, aligning it neatly on your device screen and it then just fell into place. All I needed to do was just smooth it over with a cleaning cloth.

You can watch the video to see a comparison of just how anti-glare the screen protector is. It was actually clearer than it looks in the video and photos with the screen protector on. But you can see a noticeable different regardless.

The screen protector has a high-gloss crystal finish, as described in ShopCrackBerry. It's a very smooth finish and doesn't hinder use of the touchscreen which I often find is the case with your regular screen protector that come with some cases. There's always a bit of friction but I didn't get that with this Tru Protection one. As well as being anti-glare it is anti-fingerprint too, which is a bonus. My only gripe - a very small gripe - is that it's a bit grainy to look at especially when viewing something with a white background but for me it's a small thing.

The Good

  • Easy to apply
  • High quality PET Film
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-fingerprint and smudge
  • Smooth high-gloss finish

The Bad

  • A bit grainy to look at on white backgrounds
The bottomline

If you're finding your screen to be a little unreadable in sunlight, I highly recommend the Tru Protection Anti-Glare Screen Film. There's a big difference and because of that high-gloss crystal finish, it doesn't effect the responsiveness of the screen. Your thumb glides along very smoothly. It's really quick and easy to apply due to its static cling adhesive. Just align it and let it stick. If you don't mind that it looks a little grainy sometimes, it's definitely worth your while.

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