See how addicted you are to your BlackBerry Priv with Instant

For those seeking to track their device usage, BlackBerry 10 users are familiar with Instant by Emberify. This utility application tracks how much time you spend on your device so you can better understand your daily phone usage trends and make adjustments according to your needs. Priv owners will be pleased to know the developer coded a brand new version and made it available to download in Google Play. Not only did they bring over features from the original BlackBerry 10 version but introduced a few more to take advantage of the capabilities of Android.

In the latest version, users can track not only their overall device usage, but call also break it down by applications, number of unlocks, fitness, travel, and locations defined by geofences. Additional features include graphs to track hourly and daily usage, weekly reports, the option to create a backup file or export as a CSV file, and a few more shown below.

The salient options include the ability to set reminders for when the daily device limit has been met and the app's integration with Google Fit. For those who are unfamiliar, Google Fit allows users to track their activities (i.e running, walking, rides, etc.), set fitness goals, and aggregate data from other fitness applications.

  • Automatically track your device usage time & how many times its unlocked
  • Track your app usage
  • Integrated with Google Fit to track your fitness and travel time
  • Create geofences to track time spent in places like home and work
  • Get reminders as notifications according to usage time
  • Widget for quick tracking
  • Android Wear support added

The interface is easy to read and lays everything out for you on the main screen. You can also tap on the menu button (three lines) at the top left to access each tracker and to modify settings.

Instant is free to download but is a basic version with limited functionality. It grants access to device usage, fitness tracking, graphs, and geofencing. An in-app purchase of approximately $3.00 unlocks all of the advanced features including application tracking. To access the weekly reports, a monthly subscription is available for $1.50-a-month.

Being able to track your personal habits and trends keeps one focused and productive. As I work in a corporate environment, cell phone usage is limited, or in some circumstances prohibited, during normal business hours. By seeing how much time I spend on my device, it gave me the data I needed to change my behavior and how I managed my time throughout the day.

You can download Instant Quantified - Self in the Google Play Store.

Learn more / Download Instant – Quantified Self from Google Play

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