With all the different messaging systems out there nowadays and the understandably rising concerns of security and privacy given all the breaches lately, the folks at BlackBerry have decided to highlight all the various security and privacy features built into BBM so as to better inform customers how things operate, even covering BBM on Android and iOS.

BBM has always put security at the forefront. On BlackBerry, the end to end security model is built on a foundation of secure hardware interacting with secure software. Security is reinforced at every level of the device from CPU to boot ROM, to OS and file system, and applications. The root of trust that BlackBerry builds for its customers remains unbroken throughout the chain, and is unlike other security models that rely on the interaction of components from multiple vendors.

On Android, BBM runs and stores all its data within the internal secure storage of the Android sandbox providing higher security than other IM apps that store their database in the shared storage space of the device. Similarly, on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, BBM runs and stores all its data within the iOS app sandbox.

If you've ever had questions or concerns regarding security and privacy within BBM on any of the supported platforms, this is the post to read. You can head on over to the Inside BlackBerry blog for the full down.

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