We are already aware that BlackBerry offers top-notch security for safeguarding our data. However, for those seeking an extra layer of protection there is SecureX. If you are not already familiar with this application, it is a native pattern and number lock application that gives users an array of features to ensure your device is locked down pat. Not to mention it comes with the option of customizing the lock screen including the ability to set different themes.

Toysoft released a new version to the storefront of which a list of all the added features and bug fixes are laid out below.

Version 3.0 Change Log

  • Added Remote Security. Remote Security allows you to set up SecureX to email you the GPS location on Google Maps or take pictures using the front camera and send it to a specific email address when an action occurs. Action can be when prompted for the password, incorrect password entered or when SecureX unlocked the device. This is very useful if you miss placed your device or when your device is stolen. Once an action occurs you know where your device is and who is trying to unlock it.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added the following new Themes
    • Disc
    • Heart
    • Halloween
    • Invisible
    • Sailboat

SecureX is easy to use and an alternative to using Device Password to lock your BlackBerry on OS 10.3.1 and higher. You can purchase it for $1.99.

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