No matter where you may be, whether it be in the car, walking down the street, or even at home emergencies can happen anytime. There are times work requires me to stay late and as my commute is not a short one, getting home safe is important. Ajani InfoTech realizes the importance of such endeavors and that is why they released an application that sends distress text messages with your location to your designated emergency contacts.

The application is GPS based and utilizes Google Maps to lead your emergency contacts directly to your location. It presents an easy way with which to create your list and several individuals may be added. In the field provided, users can write their own emergency message that is sent to friends, family members, or whomever is specified in the application. This message is sent directly from the application and leaves no trace on your device.

Sending an alert can happen two ways. The first is by tapping the Secure Me button on the main page. As the application is headless the other way to send a distress notification is with a long press of the Volume Up key. A message is then sent with a link of your approximate location which can be received and opened by any device on any platform.

While geared specifically for women, I find it can be useful to anyone. It is free, has a small footprint, supports BlackBerry 10, and is ready to go at a moments notice. While this does not prevent the event from happening, it is just one of many tools available for people to alert family or the authorities when in need of help. Of course, in whatever situation you find yourself in you should always program your ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers in your contacts list.

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