For anyone in an office setting who uses Microsoft Outlook, there is an option to encrypt the message content for outgoing mail. It is there to establish and safeguard your privacy and any sensitive information that may be contained within the message from being seen by prying eyes. Probably a little too technical but if you would like to secure the email messages exchanged on your BlackBerry in a similar manner there is Secure Mail.

It does so by utilizing BlackBerry’s FIPS validated cryptography, AES 256 bit encryption, and the ability to exchange a public key with other people. As such it prevents your emails from being intercepted. For example, if an incoming encrypted message from a Secure Email user comes all you would have to do is tap on the attachment in the hub and enter your personal passphrase. You can respond in kind from within the application and they in turn would enter in their key to read.

Setting up is quite simple. Both you and your recipient(s) first need to install the application and setup your personal and private keys. Then you and your contacts would have to email each other your public key and save. Once that is done, all you would have to do is tap on the compose icon in the application and every email sent using Secure Mail will be encrypted. 

When your keys are established it will ask you for a password. You will not be able to open and read received encrypted messages without this password so it is important not to lose or misplace. Keys remain encrypted and are stored on either your device or SD card. However, this action must be done for each email account you wish to send messages from. This means if you have 5 email addresses, each one will need to establish their own keys and passwords. 

There are those out there who are always seeking peace of mind when sending messages. With BlackBerry’s FIPS certification and AES 256 bit encryption added to your mail it is a fast and convenient way of locking them down. Though attachments are not supported, it is compatible with BlackBerry 10 and is $2.99 to purchase. 

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