For those of us who have files on our BlackBerry that should remain hidden, there is no shortage of options available. While we could password lock our device or enable the system encryption, some may prefer the use of a third party application. Secret-Keeper aims to do that and more for your. It secures your pictures, videos, documents, or other files from prying eyes.

In this respect, I fair rather poorly as I do not lock or protect my device. There is nothing I could not replace via the cloud or prior backups, and certainly no sensitive files to fret over if lost. However, for those who do, the instructions and layout are fairly self-explanatory and accomplishes this task in a quick manner thanks to its simple layout.

Speaking of the interface, being able to quickly add or remove files with ease is important. The bottom bar breaks down the major files into categories: file, folder, text, record (voice notes). Under the file category it in turn sorts by picture video, document and other. This way, you can navigate to the file type you wish without having to scroll through them all. For the PRO version, it allows you to share these encrypted files via BBM, email or SMS, though it does require the other party to install the application as well to view or read them.

Earlier I mentioned text as being one of the categories that can be encrypted. What this means is that it converts text into cipher text, with four types of encryption methods to choose from. Basically, it takes whatever text you input and converts it into text that is undecipherable unless the other person decrypts it. In this case, you can write private messages, encode them, and then share with anyone. No one would be able to read unless they download the application on their handheld and convert it. In this way, certain messages you wish to remain private will be just that.

The application is priced at $1.99 for BlackBerry 10, though there is a free limited feature version available to try as well. When I say limited, it really does limit you to adding and removing files, and deciphering text. You won't be able to preview, share, or open files that were shared with you without upgrading to the PRO version.

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