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Hi There Crackberry Nation! Thanks for reading my first ever Crackberry app review. I am reviewing ScoreMobile for Blackberry. We all know that one of the best things about owning a Blackberry is having information at your fingertips. As a sports fan, this is especially true. ScoreMobile for Blackberry may not be perfect, but it is one of the best sports applications available.

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile is the smartphone application from the Canadian sports channel, The Score. While they do have a fairly full programming schedule, their main strength is continual sports highlights. You can check out their website at The ScoreMobile app is the same principle: scores and recaps at a glance. There is quite a bit of information available, including scores, game previews and recaps, standings, top news and betting odds. Their coverage currently includes Football (NFL, CFL, NCAA), Major League Baseball, NHL hockey, NBA and NCAA basketball, NASCAR and Formula 1 racing, PGA golf, and a lot of Soccer (FIFA, EPL, UEFA Champions League, Seri, Liga and MLS). While you always have the option to view any league they cover, you can select only your favourites to follow.

ScoreMoblle for BlackBerry

When you launch the application, it will show you today's schedule and scores from the selected league. The application integrates itself with the Time Zone settings on your device so all of the start times for the games and events are listed in your local time, which is a great feature. You can also select up to 20 favourite teams across all the leagues. Your favourites will be highlighted and displayed at the top of the list.

Score Mobile for BlackBerry

Switching between leagues is also quick and easy with a drop down menu.

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

Clicking on a selected matchup before the game begins will give a brief overview of the matchup, the chance to select one or both of the teams as favourites, and the option of adding the game or event to your calendar.

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

Clicking on a matchup after it has started will show current game information, including men on base for baseball, up to date stats, and a live blog for selected games. Post game, of course, gives all the final stats, as well as a game or event summary .

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

The application has just been updated to add a TV listings feature. This is currently only available in Canada, but it will show what network is covering all of the games and events listed, which can be a fairly useful feature. By selecting on of the games, the application will show a list of local bars close to your location. Clicking on a bar will launch the Blackberry Maps application and will give directions to the bar. I can't help but find this hilarious.

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry


ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

There are many sports applications available for the Blackberry, but I consider ScoreMobile to be one of the very best. Specialized applications such as the Hockey News may provide more in depth coverage, but they are not as good for on the fly scores and stats. Obviously they do not cover multiple sports either. has a Blackberry application as well, but I find it to be overly bloated and slow. Many other ‘applications' are simply links to websites, which I do not count.

So is ScoreMobile perfect? Almost! I find it to be extremely valuable and use it daily, especially during the times of year when multiple leagues are playing at once. The only real criticism I have is that it is occasionally slow to update. I have seen it 7 minutes behind during hockey games and 2 or 3 innings behind during baseball. I would also like to see coverage of Major Junior hockey and the Memorial Cup added. The positives far out way the negatives, however. Quick and easy access to scores and sporting information is a must for any fan. This application integrates into the calendar, date and time, and maps features of the Blackberry, and in my opinion this multi-level device integration would qualify it as a SuperApp.

Overall I am very pleased with ScoreMobile. It is by far one of my most used applications and I highly recommend it to any sports fan.

ScoreMobile for Blackberry Ratings


  • Up to date scores and information across multiple leagues and events.
  • Multi-level device integration
  • TV listings and directions to nearby bars = Partytime!


  • Occasionally slow to update scores


  • More info/download ScoreMobile >>

Thanks for reading my first ever review!

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