Score yourself some free NHL BBM stickers from the BBM Shop!

The BBM Shop has been rather busy as of late loading up on a wide assortment of stickers, and while we don't go crazy around here posting each and every single pack, when cool (and especially free) packs come up, we share them. Right now, there's a new pack that has just arrived that I KNOW a lot of folks have been waiting for.

Following up on the earlier NHL pack from Molson, which featured more so 'hockey spirited' stickers than actual NHL stickers, they have now released a brand new free pack featuring NHL team logos on pucks. Judging from the folks in my BBM Groups, I think it's safe to say this is one pack that might actually make folks really want to use BBM Stickers, at least, a few times. In any case, you can grab both sticker packs for free using the links.

Keep in mind, the packs may be region restricted and age restricted, it is a beer company sponsoring them after all. We have no way of knowing and, if you're having issues accessing the links, then make sure you're using your browser. It will NOT work through any apps unless you 'open in' the native browser. It's just how BlackBerry set the links up, we can't help it that it works that way. The links are right, it's just all in how you go about accessing them.