CNBC has been running their Squawk Box Money Madness where they've squared off various stocks against one another in an NCAA-style tournament. The contest has been going on for a few weeks now with the best & worst stocks competing against each other based on their 2013 performance.

The question was simple, "Which stock will have the best gains from the start of the second quarter to the end of the year?" The vote was left up to the viewers. 

After Google, Netflix, Disney, Visa and others made an exit, the final two standing were none other than Apple and BlackBerry. While some would think that Apple would easily take top honors over BlackBerry, that wasn't exactly the case.

BlackBerry stole the crown hands-down with 63% of the almost 16,000 votes sent in by viewers. It's not too far fetched either since BBRY stock is relatively cheap so it would make for higher gains than AAPL.

The best part? Joe Kernen finally called it like it is:

"You know what we didn't count on? Those nuts. The CrackBerry Freaks. They bombarded our website."

We've knocked Joe before but I have to say, he's finally got us pegged. CrackBerry freaks is a title I'll take any day - never count us out :) 

Check out the full video here and be sure to send Joe some love on Twitter (for realz - we love Joe now).