Some of you might remember SayIt, a voice search app for BlackBerry. The dev has recently launched SayIt on the BlackBerry PlayBook and after bumping into him at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012, I got to check out how the BB10 version was coming along. The app stands to be very useful for looking up obscure information on the fly when you can't type in a query for whatever reason. Types of results span hotel search, weather, and lots of computational results pulled in from Wolfram Alpha. PlayBook owners can find the new version in BlackBerry App World for $4.99. 

Hopefully once the gold tools land, the app will be able to remap its function to one of the hardware keys - then it could really compete with the likes of Vlingo, which always focused more on action rather than search. It doesn't hurt that SayIt will make one less bragging point our iPhone-toting buddies can try to lord over us, but does BlackBerry really need a Siri clone? Should RIM be the one developing it, or can a third-party dev do the job?