SayIt has been updated, once again, bringing some more great features to the already huge application. The personal assistant tool has received regular updates since it was first released and we went hands on

If you are the type of person that feels that using voice to text will be easier than actually typing, then you need to be sure to check out the awesome 'Built for BlackBerry' application. It's also a super tool for in the car, as the native BlackBerry 10 voice to text experience is not the best. *Please only touch your BlackBerry while driving if legal and safe to do so.*

New in this update:

  • Command to get battery status, temperature, percent, graphics
  • Change trigger sound
  • Command to turn Bluetooth on/off
  • Command to turn Wifi on/off
  • Create new remember note. Command: "New note"
  • Foursquare integration, Foursquare commands. Command: Foursquare + place
  • More places nearby and enhance the accuracy of places search with the distance from current location to the interested location
  • Complex places finding such as: Japanese food nearby, Chinese restaurant nearby, Cineplex cinema nearby,...
  • Bugs fixed

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10