Yet again, SayIt for BlackBerry 10 has received an update - this time delivering some more useful features, including some funky music streaming that should go down rather well with users. The popular personal assistant app just keeps on getting better and once again it's a perfect example of a BlackBerry 10 developer constantly doing their best to improve the app on a regular basis. 

SayIt may not be as famous as the likes of Siri on the iPhone but it does a blooming good job and its range of features are huge. If you haven't purchased the app maybe the below new features will sway you to do so. 

New in this update:

  • Introduce SayIt music search and streaming service. Now, SayIt can search music and stream by song name, artist or album
  • Update weather server and improve the accuracy of location detection
  • Improve performance by reduce response time  
  • Ability to launch BBM
  • Optimize battery usage for sensors 
  • Add latitude, longitude for "My Location"

If you're not seeing the update just yet it is out there, so have a check a bit later on. 

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