The 'Built for BlackBerry' personal assistant application, SayIt, has been updated once again, this time to version 2.4 and with the update brings something I've not seen before on BlackBerry 10 - Touchless Sensing. If you are a frequent user of the the app you will now have the option to speak to SayIt without even touching your BlackBerry - clever stuff.

The 'Touchless Sensing' option is turned off by default but you can jump into the settings and toggle it on and off easily enough. This feature won't be for everybody and if you try it you'll discover that leaving SayIt open with the sensing option on will make your BlackBerry beep at you every time you go near it. For some situations it will be perfect though. Another nice option to have in a native application that is constantly being improved.

You can catch the developers quick demonstration of the new Touchless Sensing in action below:

New in this release:

  • Introducing "Touchless Sensing" mode. Now, you can activate and ask SayIt from your home screen of your phone, even your phone is locked and sleep. You can hover you hand, put your phone near your ear (like the way you answer a phone call) or even flip your phone to activate SayIt. By default, Touchless Sensing mode is disable, you can activate it through the Settings inside the app.
  • Option to choose between Tap&Hold - Speak - Release and Tap - Speak -Tap action for Z10
  • Fix "go to" command
  • Music can play in background
  • Fix music stuffs. Play music on SDCard or internal memory
  • More soccer info
  • Fix Vimeo in Search Mode

SayIt is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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