We first got hands on with SayIt back in Amsterdam when we were at BlackBerry Jam Europe and even then it was pretty sweet. The app has just received an rather nice update (to Version: and as well as fixing a couple of bugs and improving battery life the big change is with what you can now ask SayIt. The voice recognised personal assistant has now become much more like Siri that our iPhone friends have. You can pretty much ask SayIt anything and it will calculate your question and then speak and present you with the answer - clever stuff.

It seems to work pretty well. You just tap the speech icon to record and tap again to finish - easy. Clearly there are a tonne of other features within the app which you can see in our initial video but this latest update is a welcome improvement and I'm actually going to use SayIt on a regular basis if I need to find out a fact. It will certainly be easier than typing the question into a search engine.

SayIt is priced at $3.99/£2.50 and it could well be your new best friend on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

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